Cadet Training

Take Hold of Your Future

The IMEC Cadet Training Programme is a 4.5 year course which prepares young adults to become marine deck or engineering officers.

Since the IMEC cadet programme was launched in the Philippines in 2008, over 1,600 cadets have graduated, with over 800 currently under training. The course is delivered by Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) and is widely considered to be a renowned industry leader in the training and preparation of deck and engine officers.

What makes the IMEC Cadet programme unique is our focus on delivering sustainable, high quality education that match the demands of an ever evolving industry. Each successful candidate that pass the rigorous selection process are allocated to a sponsoring IMEC member who provide training berths during the fourth year of training, guaranteeing the cadets time at sea.

The curriculum span a wide range of different subjects, including, mathematics, physics, marine law,  environmental studies, stability and naval architecture, cargo operations and marine automation. All subjects are taught in English and are supplemented by mandatory STCW safety courses such as fire fighting, first aid, lifeboat training and basic seamanship skills.

Cadets under the IMEC programme will also be given the opportunity to become part of a number of exclusive marine focused extracurricular activities and courses, to ensure that each individual develops into well rounded individuals with a wider understanding of the maritime industry.

After qualifying, successful officers are given the opportunity to return to their sponsoring companies for full time employment to kick start their career at sea.

The course is offered as a full scholarship to all successful candidates, which includes all tuition fees, meals, travel and accommodation.

If you think you have what it takes to become an IMEC cadet, apply now!

For more information on sponsoring an IMEC cadet, please visit our IMEC Member Sponsorship page.


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