IMEC Members

IMEC members benefit from the normal work of the organisation and the flow of information and advice which results from it. In addition, as a founding Member of JNG, IMEC negotiates benefits which apply uniquely to Members of the Joint Negotiating Group.

These benefits are made available in recognition of the fact that the JNG represents employers who have chosen to enter into negotiations rather than to have ITF agreements imposed on them.

Member Benefits



IBF crew contracts and wage scales covering the principal labour supply countries which are more cost-effective than non-IBF versions

Member Obligations


Provide IMEC with such general statistical data as IMEC may from time to time require. This data will be used to aid the IMEC Secretariat in discharging its support function


Provide IMEC with, and keep updated, a list of vessels owned, managed or operated by them which are covered by IBF Special Agreements


Ensure that the IBF Special Agreements are complied with at all times

Our Members


IMEC is run by and exists for the benefit of its members, who enjoy exclusive privileges including the benefits of IBF agreements, access to funds to support the welfare and employment of seafarers and advice and guidance from the dedicated Secretariat team.

Full Membership £3750

Associate Membership £1875

Entrance fee (One-time payment)  £6000

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