Leading the way for maritime employers committed to promoting fair and sustainable labour practices

Who We Are

The International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) is the only international employers’ organisation dedicated to maritime industrial relations.

We represent over 260 maritime employers located all over the world. We co-ordinate the views of our Members and negotiate fair and sustainable seafarers’ wages and conditions of employment on their behalf.

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Who We Are

About the International Bargaining Forum

The International Bargaining Forum (IBF) facilitates Collective Bargaining between maritime employers and maritime unions.

Established in 2003, this is a mechanism by which maritime employers, represented by the Joint Negotiating Group (JNG), and seafarers unions, represented by the International Transport workers Federation (ITF), negotiate wages and conditions of employment for seafarers serving on ships to which ITF Special Agreements apply.

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Our Members


IMEC is run by and exists for the benefit of its Members, who enjoy exclusive privileges including the benefits of IBF agreements, access to funds to support the welfare and employment of seafarers and advice and guidance from the dedicated Secretariat team.

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Maritime Training

Sustainable training initiatives to secure the future of seafaring

IMEC are committed to ensuring that the future of seafaring is safeguarded by providing members with high quality and experienced mariners through our various courses and programmes. With support from various funding elements within our agreements, we are able to ensure that Members have access to a sustainable source of qualified seafarers.

Maritime Training

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